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Thank you for you interest in a hot air balloon flight with Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden.

You have the opportunity to take your flight whenever you wish, throughout the year, during the week or at weekends. Saturday and Sunday flights are very popular and we often have many balloons in the air simultaneously, it’s a great sight and extremely exiting to watch what other balloons are doing. We try to be flexible and it is often possible to book a flight at short notice (within 7 days) or even to postpone a flight should you need to do so.

The day before each flight we study the weather prognosis and decide whether the flight can go ahead or must be postponed and a new day set.
We prefer to fly during the morning, as flights tend to be longer than during the evening.

From the moment you come to us for your flight expect to be with us for approximately 4-6 hours.
Firstly you will receive a welcoming ceremony followed by your flight instructions.
After this we get into the buses and travel to our take off point, which depending on wind direction and strength, could be anywhere in the Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Achern or even Alsace region. Indeed, the whole region offers many differing feasts for the eyes. The Black Forest for example with the 1.100 m high Hornisgrinde or the Rhine river as it meanders through the countryside separating Germany from France, many lakes and beautiful painting look villages on the French side. You have nature pure in the Alsace and just behind the French Vosges mountain range.
This also offers very good conditions for ballooning with lots of fields and meadows to land on. On a good day you can see from Strasbourg to Karlsruhe.
Before we can take off, we have to get our balloon ready and each person gets to help. The baskets vary in size from 4, 5 persons to 8-12 persons depending on weight. The flight itself last between 1 and 2 hours. Of course such an exciting flight makes a person hungry and so, when we get our feet back on the earth, the first thing we do is, have a pick nick followed by a traditional balloon christening, document presentation and champagne toast.

A gift token package which includes token and information material can be obtained from us either directly from our office or sent by us on the same day through the post together with a debit transfer form.

PS: please note: All flights only take place by perfect weather conditions, e.g. little wind, good sight. There is no unnecessary waiting time.
We have the possibility to put 6 balloons into the air simultaneously. Accompaniment is welcome and can follow the complete flight from the ground where unlimited photo coverage is possible.

We look forward to welcoming you or your token recipients on board.

Kind regards from your balloon crew in Baden-Baden Steinbach

Rainer Keitel


Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden
Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Straße 5
76534 Baden-Baden

Phon: +49. 07223 - 600 02
Fax: +49. 7223 - 600 05


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