Ballooning 2000


Arrangement on daily basis for seated basket
-    without hotel
-    including

Balloon trip of 1 to 2 hours duration in a basket with easy access and seating for 2 people. Transfer to and from take off and landing. Pick nick buffet, Champagne toast,
Certificate of commemoration and flight insurance

A special basket with built in door to enable easy access and seating with seat belts for 1-2 persons (total capacity 4 persons) has been built specifically for passengers who have difficulty standing or holding tight. This basket was created by us in conjunction with the SOPUR company in Heidelberg.
The flight itself an unforgettable experience, flying over some of the most beautiful countryside of woods, lakes, rivers, vineries, postcard villages with old fashioned wood framed cottages.

Price per person                    € 375


Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden
Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Straße 5
76534 Baden-Baden

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