Ballooning 2000


A hot air balloon flight over the sand dunes and oasis of the Sahara desert is no longer a flight of fantasy.

Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden has been offering flights in the Tunisian Sahara, including all arrangements since 1995. Discover the picture-book beauty of the oasis, dunes, mountain villages and gourges of the Sahara, overnight in top range hotels and on our private oasis in nomadic tents with campfire. The oasis lies south of the salt lake at Chattel-Jèrid. The fascination of the desert and legendary friendliness of the locals, an experience not to be missed.

Due to the depth of our association with the region and especially with the people of the region, you will find that many doors normally locked will be open for you.

The absolute highpoint of this holiday steeped in culture and adventure will surely be the amazing balloon flight at sunrise, which will be followed by a very traditional meal of Couscous (also vegetarian) and lamb specialities all to be enjoyed over a romantic campfire.

Fascination Sahara – walk in the footsteps of the Little Prince

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Balloon – expedition

Fascination Sahara – walk in the footsteps of the Little Princ