Ballooning 2000


The balloon agency Ballooning 2000 offers flights in the Black forest and French Vosges with the take off point being Baden-Baden.

Take off is timed for early sunrise and some very beautiful countryside is covered,
woods, lakes, rivers, vineries, postcard villages with their wood framed houses (Illustrated). On occasions the wind will clow its floating guests across the Rhine river and over the French border.
The route taken and place of landing are largely determined by the wind. The feeling of suspension somewhere between heaven and the earth, surrounded by a bright array of colours and light, the extraordinary freshness of the air, the clarity and fascination, being part of a dream come true, a birds eye view of the world stretched out in miniature format below, one of those things you never forget.

During the flight there is a permanent radio link between the balloon pilot and the ground staff and no matter where the balloon sets down, the off road vehicles of the
ground crews will soon be on hand to pick up the pilot and his passengers and prepare a breakfast pick nick and champagne toast to their flight across the air.
The passengers will then each receive a certificate to commemorate this feat and each person is awarded a title of nobility, the women become Countesses, the men Barons.

The current price for this complete package of flight, champagne toast, pick nick, certificate, transfers and flight insurance: € 295 per person.

The flight duration is of between 1 and 2 hours depending on weather conditions, for the complete package of pick nick etc. passengers should prepare for half a day.


Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden
Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Straße 5
76534 Baden-Baden

Phon: +49. 07223 - 600 02
Fax: +49. 7223 - 600 05


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