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Ballooning 2000 currently employs 8 professional hot air balloon pilots and over 20 service personnel whose experience and motivation is the back bone of the agency.

The pilots and ground crews professionalism, high personal engagement and commitment to passenger comfort and safety is what really commends them, and they are intent to make each flight an exhilarating and thrilling experience for each passenger. Within excess of 1000 passengers each year, Ballooning 2000 is also a trusted partner for many local businesses in the Baden-Baden region.

Hot air ballooning is one of the few remaining touristic adventures, a true thrill and a sport, but for all their enthusiasm our pilots remain firm realists, weather conditions and the lay of the land are tantamount and no flight goes ahead without conditions being suitable.

Or philosophy at Ballooning 2000 is simple, it says that a good pilot is a pilot who can say “No”. There are times, unfortunately, when we have to disappoint our passengers, but they can always put their trust in us to make the right decisions and respect our judgement in doing so.


Jean-Marc Culas

Born on 22 July 1946 in Aix-en-Provence in France, Jean-Marc holds a state diploma
in Notary and has lived in Baden-Baden with his wife and 2 children since 1967.

He died on 25.09.2011.

He founded the German-French Balloon agency Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden and Ballooning 2000 France SARL in 1981 and spent many years in the capacity of Manager and Chief pilot. He was creator, pilot and instructor of the peace-balloon.

He is both author and publisher of the illustrative work “Romantic Ballooning” and the German-French newspaper “La gazette” de Baden-Baden. He also edited the local newspaper (Badisches Tagblatt) supplement entitled “Nachbarland Elsaß” (Neighbouring Alsace)

In 1976 he started the international Oldtimer Meeting for automobiles in Baden-Baden and since then organizes it on an annual basis.


Ballooning 2000 Baden-Baden
Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Straße 5
76534 Baden-Baden

Phon: +49. 07223 - 600 02
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